Traumatic Brain Injury Care

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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that approximately 2.8 million Americans suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year, making this type of injury a serious public health concern.

Often, the recovery from TBIs can take time, and extra support is needed for everyday activities, sometimes, the injured person will need long-term care to help them manage.

Our caregivers assist with day-to-day tasks such as hygiene, feeding and helping around the house to relieve the burden from your loved one, and ensure they feel respected, safe and comfortable in a familiar environment.

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Why Choose us for Traumatic Brain Injury Care?

AHS Home Care’s caregivers are experienced in working with clients living with TBI, providing home aide services such as assistance with everyday tasks including bathing, toileting, feeding and help around the house. We also offer skilled nursing support for clients needing medical assistance.

Our goal is to create a respectful and compassionate environment in your loved one’s home that ensures their dignity and independence are preserved as much as possible, giving them the best quality of life.

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We can help

Our experienced caregivers a ready to assist your loved one in their recovery from a TBI


We can help your loved one manage his or her symptoms to live as full a life as possible

Personalized Care

At Home Solutions takes a personalized approach to caring for your loved one living with TBI

White Paper

Traumatic Brain Injury affects millions of Americans each year. Advances in medical research are constantly improving our approach to prevention and therapy. This white paper discusses efficacy in traumatic brain injury clinical trials. Read more here.


The following resources may be helpful as you navigate life with a loved one with a traumatic brain injury:

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