Is the lower upfront cost of hiring an independent caregiver worth it?

Could it actually come at a higher cost than using a reputable home health agency?


We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to weighing the decision of how to care for your aging loved ones.

Below are just a few of the questions we investigated regarding hiring private caregivers:

Is It Safe?

Hiring any type of caregiver can be a daunting thought for your family and for the loved one requiring assistance.


Using a reputable agency can allay most of your fears – their carers have been background checked, tested and trained and deemed professional and trustworthy – and all that’s left is to find a personality match and a good bedside manner.


Hiring an independent caregiver provides no such comfort.

What about Injuries?

Homecare agencies provide caregivers that are licensed and bonded. If someone is injured while in your home, your biggest concern is for their wellbeing, and perhaps choosing a card or flowers to cheer them while they recuperate.


If you’ve hired privately, the headache is unfortunately all yours.

Ready to Be an Employer?

Hiring an independent caregiver automatically makes you an employer in the eyes of the IRS.


If your new caregiver has not been sourced through an agency, according to the IRS, “If a privately hired caregiver is paid more than $2,100 per year (2019), they are considered to be a household employee, not an independent contractor. Therefore, the family hiring the independent caregiver takes on all the responsibilities of being an employer including payroll and taxes.”


A home health agency can help take this burden off of your shoulders.

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